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CK  - Comfort Keyboards - Reduce Wrist and Joint Pain for Sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury, and Everyday Typing.  Regain Control - Health is Happiness.
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Comfort Keyboard Systems - Ergonomic OSHA and HR compatable keyboards trackballs mice and arm or wrist rests and pads

Comfort Keyboards are superior to A4 Tech DataHand Kinesis Maltron SafeType TouchStream Pace Microsoft MS Kensington Belkin Natural Silitek Adesso Cirque PC Concepts or Goldtouch


Comfort Keyboard Systems help reduce incidence rates and the severity of carpal tunnel (CTS) pain and RSI - repetitive stress injuries
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Comfort Keyboard Systems

Q. Do your keyboards require special software drivers?
A. Yes and no. Yes, but those drivers are all included on a special memory chip embedded in the keyboard itself, and "no" because, in answering the spirit of your question, you have nothing to install, nothing to update, and our keyboards are "plug and play" as a result. This can make programming our keyboards (as you may note in the manual) sort of light on visible feedback on your computer screen, but the advantages are many. Aside from the plug-n-play convenience, it means that if you program our keyboard with macros, map keys to suit your tastes, and so forth, those settings are retained even if you move the keyboard to another computer! For those who use KVM switches (one keyboard that is used to control several "machines" or "boxes", i.e. computers) this is a great advantage over installation discs and repeating your preferences all the time, etc. And for example, most other keyboards and peripherals would require reprogramming if you reinstall your operating system (OS), but say you go from Windows 98 to Windows XP Pro on the same computer... your Comfort Keyboard will still be detected, and again, it will still have all your favorite settings, with no loss or reprogramming.

Q. The ErgoMagic keyboard bends and tents... but can it be made to lie flat?
A. Yes, the ErgoMagic can lie flat if one chooses to remove the tenting mechanism.

Q. I have an ErgoFlex Keyboard for Mac - how do I set up a "Command" key?
A. Apple key = Command Key = Alt key!

Q. I have a new Apple... and a new Comfort Keyboard... on an Apple standard keyboard, there is an eject CD button... is this eject feature located on the Comfort [Signature Original], or do I need to program that function somehow?
A. If you are using MAC OSX or Panther, F12 ejects the CD! Of course, with our keyboards, you can also program any other key to perform this function, or you can use a foot pedal switch or a variety of other options, depending on how much of our award-winning product you have at your workstation!


Comfort Keyboard Systems help reduce incidence rates and the severity of carpal tunnel (CTS) pain and RSI - repetitive stress injuries
Complete Keyboard Key Mapping
Comfort Keyboard Systems

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